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  • Tree Trimming
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  • Tree Removal
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  • Tree Care Assessments
  • Lighthouse Point Root Barrier Installation

    What is a root barrier?

    Your trees are a beautiful asset to your property, when properly maintained. However, at times trees can cause problems with other assets on our property, and we have to find a way to mitigate these troubles, and create space for all of our valuable landscape and hardscape to thrive in harmony.

    One of the ways a tree can create problems is the ever growing and expanding root zone. As your tree canopy and trunk grows, it's roots will also grow, in order to provide nutrients and maintain the stability of the tree.

    In urban environments, this is a common problem, since there is usually plenty of hardscape and landscape occupying nearly the same space.

    A root barrier is a barrier that is placed between the root system of a tree and nearby hardscape, pipe, or the foundation of a home. At Tree Services Pro, we install root barriers for many different applications, such as new construction, remodel, landscape design, driveway and sidewalk protection, and more.

    On existing trees we will prune the roots close to the affected area, and install the barrier material to help new growth grow deeper into the soil. In new tree installation we will install a root barrier around the root zone of the tree in order to direct the trees roots downward into the soil. In both case the result is a more stable tree, and mitigation of damage to surrounding hardscapes.

    At Tree Services Pro, we also take care of any under-ground utilities location requests that may be needed. One call truly does do it all.

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