Tree Reduction Pruning

Tree reduction pruning should only be performed by a qualified Boca Raton tree service professional. Making proper reduction cuts requires a knowledge of ANSI pruning standards and experience with the correct equipment for the task.

As always, safety should be the top priority when working in any tree. Wearing personal protection equipment designed for tree workers is a must for every arborist.

There are a number of reasons why an arborist would choose to make reduction cuts on a tree. And each tree will require a unique plan for the process.

As with every tree trimming operation, the arborist will want to take care to insure your tree is not subjected to over-pruning. This is the process of removing to much wood and leaf mass in one pruning cycle.

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When To Reduce Your Tree

Tree reduction pruning in any tree should only be performed when there is a need to balance the crown height with the over-all height of the tree, or when there are competing leaders in the canopy.

Reduction pruning may also be employed in the case of a canopy that is too dense, where reduction pruning in the form of drop-crotch cuts is preferred over lions-tailing.

The pruning method in the following image is not a good example of tree reduction pruning and should never be put into practice. This will shorten the life span of your tree and weaken its structure.

Be sure the arborist you hire to do your tree trimming is qualified and has an understanding of ANSI pruning methods.

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