Tree Trimming Services

Proper Pruning

A professional Boca Raton tree trimming service should be pruning your trees for strength, balance and good structure. This will encourage the health of your trees and help to mitigate possible risk factors.

When a tree trimmer approaches your property to asses your trees for pruning, many environmental variables should be considered, also.

An experienced Boca Raton tree trimming service will be looking at removing dead, damaged, and diseased branches from your trees first. Pruning live tissue from your trees should be kept to a minimum when possible.

If your trees are too large and at risk of toppling during a storm, your tree trimmer may recommend a storm pruning plan to help prevent damage to your trees and property.

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Incorrect Pruning Habits

In the past you may have had an Boca Raton tree trimming services prune your trees incorrectly, by over-pruning. It's a good practice to never remove more than one-third of the leaf mass from your tree during each pruning cycle. Removing more than a third of the canopy of a tree is not an acceptable practice during the normal course of pruning and can harm your tree, especially in mature trees.

In larger more mature trees over-pruning can lead to nutrient loss, sun scalding to the bark of the tree and damage to the bark by falling debris on larger trees. Usually when large sections of a mature tree are removed from the upper canopy, an un-acceptable pruning method known as hat-racking has occurred, which will open your tree up to disease and decay.

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Your Trees Are Alive

Your trees are individual living and growing organisms that require special treatment each time a tree trimmer enters to prune.

Everything an arborist does to your tree has affects the health and structure of the tree.

Depending on the size of your tree and past pruning methods, certain branches and branch sizes should not be removed.

A trained, qualified arborist will understand what your individual tree needs in terms of maintenance.

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